The Golf Bag – A Necessary Addition To Your Arsenal

The Golf Bag – A Necessary Addition To Your Arsenal

In the early days of golf, which originated in Scotland, the sticks used to hit the leather balls were carried around, tied together with a cord.

As the game of golf matured, a bag was devised to carry the golf clubs, as the sticks used to hit the ball was then to be known, as it was much easier and helped the player to become more organized.

These first bags were made out of canvas with ends made of metal in order to give then structure and shape, and had a small opening at the top of the bag of about 4 to 6 inches.

As the game of golf became more popular, and more people began to play the game, the golf clubs became more specialized, and thus more numerous, the golf bag grew in size and in sophistication.

In 1939, the United States Golfing Association set the limit as to the number of golf clubs that could be carried by the golfer at 14. This set the stage for the size of the opening at the top of a golf bag, and thus the standard bag accommodated this number of clubs.

Golf bags in the modern era are constructed of canvas, nylon or leather components with metal or plastic framing and reinforcement. The bags of today will also have several differing pockets to hold golf balls, tees, towels and other necessary items and equipment.

A common feature for modern golf bags is the shoulder strap which makes the bag handy to carry during a golf game. Bags come in different sizes now, to reflect the amount of convenience a golfer desires during the game.

Carry bags are meant to be carried by the golfer while he or she is playing the game. They typically have single or dual straps and are generally of light weight to make it easier to carry during a golfing match.

Sunday bags are light weight are designed to carry only the clubs and pocket for the golf balls. Stand bags are designed to stand upright when they are set on the ground, making it convenient to reach the clubs and balls in the bag.

Cart bags are designed to be hitched to a walking cart or a cart that is motorized. Staff bags are usually the largest, and have accommodations for individual clubs, ball pockets, extra equipment such as umbrellas, shoes, towels and so forth.

The choice of bag style and extra room gives the golfer a wide array of features, making the carrying of clubs, balls and extras as convenient as the golfer wishes.

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